Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

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The IE team has released a new Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar.

This is the final release of the toolbar, but the comments in that thread talk about issues, not only with the toolbar itself, but also with Silverlight.

The screencast of the tool is a Silverlight application, and some folk can’t get it working. Ah, version 1.0 software.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:21 am

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Unfortunately there is no change since the last version (beta3). And besides it being useless to me, it has been known to mysteriously close my browser.

All I really want from them is something as effect as the FF error console.

Comment by RD — May 17, 2007

There is nothing about javascript errors, the real problem on ExploDer…

Comment by Marco — May 17, 2007

I have been using the IE developer toolbar for about a year now. While the DOM traversal is semi-useful the rest of the functionality seems to be a pathetic attempt to mimic Firebug. And while I am on the topic of pathetic attempts, lets not forget to mention the IE script debugger.

The only useful tool I use with IE is fiddler (

Comment by Jeffrey Robbins — May 17, 2007

The IE developer toolbar does have one feature I really like: the ability to edit any attribute of a DOM element.

Regarding JavaScript debugging, it’s unfortunate that there isn’t a free version of Microsoft Visual Studio’s JavaScript debugger. It’s the best JS debugger I’ve used.

Comment by Michael Geary — May 17, 2007

And yes, Fiddler is a GREAT tool. Also, it works with any browser, not just IE. You simply have to set the proxy manually in other browsers.

Comment by Michael Geary — May 17, 2007

Play it a little bit, not that bad. It is better than nothing.

Comment by Shuo Geng — May 17, 2007

Michael, I agree that the Visual Studio JS Debugger is a great tool (it’s all I used before Firebug). And there is a free version – Windows Script Editor is free and looks/operates nearly identically.

Sadly, this toolbar release offers nothing over the lame version we currently have.

Comment by steve apel — May 17, 2007

Speaking of, whats up with this activex control trying to run everytime I come to the ajaxian homepage.

Comment by sartre — May 17, 2007

Yeah, Steve, I’m familiar with Windows Script Editor too. IIRC it does lack one of my favorite features in Visual Studio: intraline JavaScript single stepping and breakpoints.

As an example, suppose you are single stepping through this contrived one-liner:

for( var i = 0; i

Comment by Michael Geary — May 17, 2007

I give up. Stupid comment form. Ajaxians, you know people would like to be able to post code samples in comments here!

Comment by Michael Geary — May 17, 2007

it causes my IE to crash unexpectedly

Comment by Rizqi Ahmad — May 20, 2007

This tool is fake. Doesnt work at all… :/

Comment by John — May 21, 2007

Cannot seem to trace a style to a specific file or block? What?

Comment by Mike Maier — June 6, 2007

It is quite limited in terms of functionality. Its no match for web developer toolbar for firefox. Its 100 times better than this one.

Comment by Webdev — July 24, 2007

Yup, firefox one is mucho better

Comment by Maarten Hurkens — July 26, 2007

Of course it can’t compete with FireFox Web Developer Toolbar, let alone Firebug.. still, it’s better than nothing and I thank the elements outlining features for saving me much time in finetuning the designs!

Comment by nemetral — August 27, 2007

This thing does not allow to edit like Firebug does. I have used the previous version of this and it used to allow creating new attributes but not this one. The new attributes dissapear just like that. I cant imagine this the best they have come up with???.

Comment by Shravan Manda — November 20, 2007

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