Monday, August 14th, 2006

Interview: Google’s Bruce Johnson on the new GWT 1.1 Release

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Over at InfoQ, they have a short interview up with GWT Tech Lead Bruce Johnson. The conversation covers the motivation behind the creation of the GWT, reasons for going with a Java to Javascript compiler rather than pure Java technology in the browser, and the blooming of various third party GWT widget libraries. I thought that his response to the questions of open sourcing GWT was a little disappointing:

We’ve talked about that possibility from the beginning, so yes. Open-sourcing the tools right now could be more of a distraction than a help. It wouldn’t serve GWT users if we took our eye off the ball by starting lots of discussions about the plumbing of GWT when we want to be focusing on making GWT the best it can be for developers. We’ll periodically revisit the question as GWT evolves a bit more.

I would think that many more developers would consider using GWT for their client projects if they had adopted a BSD or Apache style license.

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The URL for the page describing the library does not work… Can you get it fixed? Thanks!

Comment by Jacob Levy — August 15, 2006

The company I am working for dismissed GWT because of the licensing terms of the compiler. They didn’t wnat to depend on the good will of google to kepp the compiler free.

So Yes the license is a problem and should be changed.

Comment by FEBO — August 15, 2006

In response to above dismissal –
The company I am working for dismissed Google. They didn’t want to depend on the good will of Google to keep searching for free.

So Yes licenses are a problem and to avoid any future dependencies, everyone should switch to other equivalent products.

Comment by Les Papier — August 16, 2006

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