Monday, November 12th, 2007

Interview with Joe Hewitt on the new

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There was a day when Web development was in a sad state of affairs. The majority of developers laughed at JavaScript, and were focusing on a killer new server-side web framework, or a new ORM library. The consensus was that that browser was dumb. The modern TN3270 if you will.

A few renegades were actually building fantastic dhtml experiences. We could look up to Erik and Arv, and the many others who pushed the boundaries.

We were giving some talks on “Building killer web sites with dhtml” and we enjoyed surprisingly people with what was available, but the majority still didn’t care. Then Ajax came along and the revolution started. Finally, we could get back to thinking about the user interface and general usability of Web based applications. We could care about the user again!

This is from a post on the new, a new community site that hopes to do the same for Ajax, for mobile development. We believe that it is the time of a mobile development renaissance. The iPhone has pushed the boundaries, and Android is joining in the fun. People are already using their mobile devices to do so much, but it is time for really great interfaces to come to life as we have platforms that enable them.

To kick off the community we got to sit down with Joe Hewitt to discuss the iPhone Facebook app, how he develops on the platform, the iPhone in general, and what he would love to see from Apple. We also got to talk about the upcoming Android release and what he is looking to see out of that mobile platform.

Watch and listen to the interview below:

If you are interested in mobile development, check out devphone, subscribe to our feed, and let us know what you would like to see. It is very early days, so who knows which direction it will go.

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Comment by Alixe — November 12, 2007

…nice way to kick off a new site! …very cool. I’ll be checking this out daily. Thanks

Comment by Mark Holton — November 12, 2007

Is down? I cant see it.

Comment by iphonedevelopment — December 15, 2009

Android is the bees knees thanks for the post

Comment by ipads — February 25, 2010

Android is the bees knees thanks for the post

Comment by lv123 — April 6, 2010

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