Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Interview with Morfik development team

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Morfik logo

We previously posted about Morfik, an upcoming Ajax IDE. Now there is a detailed interview with the development team behind Morfik over at the Firebird Database community site.

Here’s an except describing the dev process in Morfik:

The developer starts with designing the data layer in a visual environment similar to Microsoft Access or Microsoft Enterprise Manager. This is usually followed by the design of data base queries which again is carried out in a powerful visual environment. For the presentation layer the developer creates forms and reports using a familiar visual environment that resembles VB and Delphi. The application logic is written in the developer’s object oriented syntax of choice (currently Morfik Basic, Morfik Pascal, Morfik C# or Morfik Java)…

Note that their beta is not out yet, but you can sign up for the “Pioneers Program” to get into the beta program. It sounds like this could be a nice tool for RAD-style prototyping. It would be good to see some first hand reviews from the beta program. In particular, how much (if at all) you can dive into the html and javascript underneath, as that can certainly be necessary with more complex apps.

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