Monday, July 14th, 2008

Interview with the Gears on Rails team

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With my Google hat on, I got to interview Michael Marcus and Rui Ma, two recent graduates from a masters program at NYU. They joined me to discuss Gears on Rails, their open source framework that makes it easier than ever to take a Rails code-base offline.

They take the approach of giving you a high level Ruby-ish way of developing your Rails app and having it work offline against local storage.

This means that you end up building actions like this:

  1. def create_local
  2.  '
  3.    post ="post"));
  4.    Post.create_local(post);
  5.    window.location.reload( false );
  6.  '
  7. end

They build the local framework on the Jester framework that is a “JavaScript client for REST APIs that uses Rails conventions, and is inspired by Rails’ own ActiveResource”.

This means that you can write client side code like this:


  1. Resource.model("Twitter", {format: "json", prefix: "", urls: {list: "/statuses/user_timeline/:username.json"}})
  3. Twitter.find("all", {username: "bob"}, function(results) {
  4.   twitters = results
  5. });

Listen to the audio interview directly (or subscribe via iTunes).

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Great work! Jester is great for rails. If you like things like this, for the love of god, please checkout JavaScriptMVC

It has it’s own port of Jester that allows inheritance, and actual event delegation based controllers. It has everything you need to organize your JavaScript application.

Comment by JustinMeyer — July 17, 2008

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