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Interview with ZK Creator Tom Yeh

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Agile Ajax has posted an interview with the creator of ZK, the server-side GUI framework for writing ajax apps with “no javascript and little programming”. ZK has some similiarities to Echo2 and GWT, though Tom Yeh, the creator, discusses the differences:
on Echo2:

Echo2 assumes UI designers are Swing programmers, while ZK assumes they are mostly non-programmers

on GWT:

From a technological viewpoint, [GWT] is a complement. GWT is a client-side solution and quite good for developing Ajax components. It is never a good idea to replicate the business logic to the client, which eventually brings us back to the maintenance headache of fat clients. In addition, loading and evaluating huge JavaScript files into the client is not fun at all.

The interview goes on to cover the strengths and weaknesses of ZK, Dojo and Atlas, and future plans for the framework. He also closes with a common complaint about the Ajax community – the over abundance of frameworks and resulting confusion. A chart breaking down the major players and their pros and cons would be a great help to many developers who are trying to figure out where to start.

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Though it’s not a complete “chart” in that it doesn’t map all attributes of the various libraries, the Musings from Mars Scorecard on Ajax/DHTML libraries is a good place to start. The Scorecard concentrates on one attribute–cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility–but it’s one that’s probably a good starting point for further investigation. The Scorecard also covers other standard attributes–platforms supported, languages required, commercial vs. open source, online demos, documentation, downloadable trials, for example.

The update that was released last week covers ZK as well as 7 other recently added Ajax libraries, and it updates the scores for 8 other libraries, including Atlas.

The update to the scorecard, originally published in March 2006, is at

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I’m an student

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I like gwt.
what do you guys think.

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