Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Introducing Michael Mahemoff to the Ajaxian Team

Category: Editorial

We are proud to announce that Michael Mahemoff of the popular AjaxPatterns.org has joined the Ajaxian.com team.

Together, Ajaxian.com and Ajax Patterns is going to offer even more information for users of Ajax technology.

Expect to see cross pollination between the sites, and in the podcasts.

And, if there is anything that you wish to see on our sites, please let us know.

Michael’s Bio

Michael Mahemoff is a hands-on
software consultant with nine years commercial experience. Building on
psychology and software engineering degrees, he completed a PhD on design patterns for usability. He’s the founder of AjaxPatterns.org, an Ajax design reference soon to be published as the “Ajax Design Patterns” book, and the creator of the corresponding Ajax Demos. Michael has run conference sessions on agile topics such as Extreme Usability and Self-Documenting Software.
Java/J2EE has been the dominant programming platform in his career,
though personal projects have used Ruby, PHP, and plain-old Bash. His blog and podcast covers a mix of Ajax, agile, programming, and the occasional usability rant.

Welcome Michael.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:44 am
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