Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

iPhone Interface in JavaScript

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David Cann has mocked up an iPhone interface in JavaScript using Yahoo! UI.

His example is just a wrapper around Digg, but you can download the interface and put in your own application.

iPhone Safari

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:18 am

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The YUI has some quite capable animation routines. It’s hard to “flick” content around with a mouse like you would with a finger of course, but that’s beside the point of this experiment. ;) Next up, someone should try recreating the icon-based menu interactions – the zooming, fading and so on! :)

Comment by Scott Schiller — June 13, 2007

Cease and desist in 5, 4, 3…

Comment by -gary — June 13, 2007

Get a +$500 phone, +$1000 a year service plan and enjoy JavaScript enabled websites on a tiny little screen. That is indeed a revolutionary idea!

Comment by Bono — June 13, 2007

Gotta love the iPhone though, you guys. You have to admit, that even though it doesn’t make much sense to use it regularly – it would actually come in handy when you were away from your laptop or desktop!

Comment by Web Design MN — June 14, 2007

>>it would actually come in handy when you were away from your laptop or desktop!

I think PDA would be more usefull in that case

Comment by dienow — June 14, 2007

sexy.. I’m not even sure myself if I’m thinking ajax or iphone :)

Comment by Liming Xu — June 14, 2007


Can anyone tell me how to use iPhone Interface in Javascript in my web application?

Thanks in advance,


Comment by rajk — June 29, 2007


Quit trolling. 60 x 12 = $720, not +$1000
But even more basically, do you have a phone now? If so, you should only calculate the *incremental* amount it costs you, which in my case was $20/month x 12 = $240. So, am I willing to pay $600 for an 8GB video iPod, PDA, and phone and to pay $240 a year for unlimited internet on that device? Yes. YMMV.

Comment by Christian Romney — July 2, 2007

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