Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

iPhone Update: Pickleview, Dojo Chat, iUI generation, Ajax Search and more

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iPhone development is continuing to sprint. We are seeing apps sprout out every minute or so, and various tools are coming online.

Here is a short update that touches on some items that we have found of interest:


PickleView is an application that mashes up twitter and baseball. If you are out somewhere with your phone, login and chat about the game with others.


Google AJAX Search

This iPhone specific site runs an Ajax tabbed control in a form factor for the iPhone itself.

TinyBuddy IM: Instant Messaging for iPhone

James Burke (who will be speaking at The Ajax Experience on xdomain issues) has released TinyBuddy, which is an IM client for the iPhone that differs from others in that it:

  • Uses only HTML/CSS/JavaScript. No server-side languages or proxies.
  • I do not see your password ever — sign in securely using the AIM OpenAuth servers.
  • Uses Dojo 0.4.3, but I’m porting it to 0.9. The 0.4.3 version is around 90KB gzipped including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • It uses AIM’s Web AIM API: a Comet API that uses long polling so that it works cross-domain. I shorted the polling and added a delay between polls to help with the sometimes unreliable network on the phone.
  • You can specify your own CSS file if you want to style the UI differently.


The games, the games. Diamenty gets you some bejeweled fun for the iPhone.

iPhone Link Directory Generator

The iUI generator takes an OPML file and will generate a simple iUI layout for you.


Leaflets is another application homepage for the iPhone.

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very very cool app, but it keeps repeating the same messages when I refresh the page or return after a while. thats weird.

Comment by FishNYC — July 17, 2007

leaflets is a cool idea, its just really slow to load and do anything on the site

Comment by Joshua Giese — July 17, 2007

the first link in tinybuddy is confusing. I think the /a is a little farther down the text than it should be..

Comment by Nathan Friedly — July 17, 2007

@FishNYC: That’s because it’s a Twitter feed, not a live chat. It polls for the last x messages and displays them.

Comment by Richard Herrera — July 17, 2007

Just what the world needed, an app for people to say “Go my favorite team!”

Comment by Mike — July 18, 2007

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