Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Isomorphic TAE Talk on Infrastructure Inversion: The Future of Software and Technology Risk

Category: Presentation, The Ajax Experience

Isomorphic Software, the company behind SmartClient, gave a talk at the recent TAE Boston, and we just published the video for all to see:


This talk helps developers better articulate the business advantages of Ajax to management, and help management grill developers on whether their technical choices are the right ones. In addition, a starry-eyed vision of the future of application development will be presented, including a demo this time.

Bio: Alex Shvedof, COO and co-founder, Isomorphic Software is also one of the architects of the SmartClient Ajax platform. He has played various roles at hi-tech companies ranging from enterprise software architecture to system and network security. Alex co-founded Isomorphic in 2000 to make zero-install rich web applications a reality.

Watch the presentation.

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