Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Issue tracking system with source code

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Patrick Ryan had to build an ajaxian issue tracking system for his small team, and it turned out to be nice enough that he decided to share the code with us. :) The platform is PHP/MySql. His three main prorities with the app where:

  1. Make it extremely easy to use – zero thought
  2. Make it flexible – give the user the view they want
  3. Keep it out of the way, yet always available

From playing around with the demo app, it looks to me like he has accomplished that (log on as guest). Also see the first blog post on the app and the source code entry.


Posted by Rob Sanheim at 11:19 am

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Comment by 34242 — December 8, 2005

Turns out I had a few bugs in that first release (never fails does it?). It’s been updated and looks like it’s running like clockwork “out of the box”

Comment by Patrick — December 8, 2005

Yes it looks fine, but I would suggest you to go for more customizable modules.

Comment by Raman — December 11, 2006

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