Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

IssueTrackerProduct: AutoSave and Refresh

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Peter Bengtsson created an Ajax Issue Tracker with Ajax techniques, awhile back in his application: IssueTrackerProduct.

There is a bunch of Ajax sprinkled in, but the major pieces are:

What about the implementation? Peter said:

I used sack because it’s small and straight forward. I use innerHTML a lot and let the server generate chunks of the page and paste that in using sack.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:06 am

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Issue trackers are, to me, a kind of application that could surely benefit from Ajax goodness. I’ve used dozens and sometimes you just get tired of click/load/click/load/click/load in parts that it’s obvious you shouldn’t have to be doing so.

For example.

When seeing a listing of issues in a table creating a new issue right there instead of having to go to the “create new issue” screen. (click “add”, simple “new issue” template opens, issue is added and inserted in the list or the list re-queried).

When creating an issue lists and relationships could be pulled from ajax fields (we have to add several fields in our own issues that come from lists several-thousand-items long, populating a popup is nonsense) with “suggest” functionality. Also multi-level category trees could be pulled this way (javascript is probably more serviceable and portable, but the contents of the array should be populated dynamically anyway).

When adding followups to a case there probably is no need for reloading the page each time.

Another obvious one is the autorefreshing list of issues.

Single-page Issue Trackers wouldn’t work, though, as you need to have separate pages for listing, case-detail and reporting (and the reporting side probably needs even more specific URL addressing for accessing specific reports directly. But functionality within a page/mode is easily identifiable.

Something that could be considered questionable is editing issues in-place in the issue listing, but I don’t see much problem with that.

I don’t think any issue tracker manages to do this yet.

Comment by Eduo — January 24, 2006

XSS possbile.

Comment by wei — January 24, 2006

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