Friday, July 16th, 2010

It’s Friday. Take the time to learn the Web with a splash of French, German, and Irish

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The week has been long. Much code has been written. There is much more to do, but Friday is for relaxing a little. Take some time, sit back and watch, as three fantastic videos are available for you:

French: Paul Rouget of Mozilla, shows you the future

Paul builds the best demos. ever. At the Mozilla Summit in Whistler, he shows off what you can do when you remix HTML5, CSS3, SVG, WebGL, and WebSockets. A must see.

German: Building an awesome social HTML5 engine

Paul Bakaus of Dextrose (and jQuery UI fame) recently launched the Aves Engine, a social gaming engine in pure HTML! Dextrose also joined forces with Effect Games to bolster its Web gaming might. Paul gave a talk at Google explaining the technology, and it just went live:

“Irish”: Paul shows you jQuery c0de

Ok, Irish by name, and maybe a touch by nature…. but not by nationality. Paul Irish has been doing an amazing talk at conferences where he walks through the jQuery source code to teach you fun and frolics of JavaScript. He picked up ScreenFlow and did it again to reach you all. Paul is a gem in our community, and at 52 minutes…. you will still want more:

Have a great weekend!

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How about some links?

Comment by mrandall — July 16, 2010


Where are the links to said presentations good sir?

Comment by someguynameddylan — July 16, 2010

Sorry..links working now..hopefully..

Comment by jvaughan — July 16, 2010

The Paul Irish video looks awesome, cheers :)

Comment by Skilldrick — July 18, 2010

I love that the html5 Video tag with css filters is the new cool thing, but that it’s been possible to do this very thing in IE for 10 years (yes, including desaturation, pixelation and even free rotation of live video). In every job interview I go to lately they ask ‘do you know HTML5’? Sometimes I feel like if I had to explain all the stuff I’ve been doing in web development for the last 10 years, nobody would believe me because what many people think is new now has been possible (in some browsers) for 10 or more years.

Comment by leptons — July 19, 2010

I don’t think Paul Irish understands how setInterval works. If setInterval takes longer than 100ms to run, it doesn’t fire another instance of the function before the last one finishes executing. The first one will finish, then the second one will still wait 100ms before firing. Multiple instances of the setInterval function won’t be executing at the same time. His ‘solution’ is just a convoluted way to achieve the exact same thing that setInterval is doing.

Also, I think he’s kind of stoned in this video.

Comment by leptons — July 19, 2010

@leptons : i don’t think he’s stoned. I think he just loves his work, and that’s why he’s so good at it. You, on the other hand, sound boring, I bet you hate your life.

Comment by gotys — July 20, 2010

@gotys, you must be his boyfriend or something. I’m sure I’m not the only one who think’s he’s stoned in that video. I couldn’t bare listening to the video after the setInterval thing, his information was incorrect and that to me is boring. And no, I don’t hate my life, if you even knew how awesome it is you’d weep tears of jealousy.

Comment by leptons — July 22, 2010

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