Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

iUI gets even better: cleanup and features

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Joe Hewitt has upgraded iUI with some cleanup, and a bunch of new features.

The demo application will show you how it has come along.

New Features

  • New UI controls: List groups, on/off switches, and fieldsets that look like the iPhone
    “Settings” app
  • Linking to external pages via Ajax: Links to external URLs are now loaded via Ajax and inserted (with animation of course) into the page. The pages you link to should not be a complete HTML document, but just the elements that should be inserted into the body of the original page. If you don’t want a link to load via Ajax, specify target=”_self”.

    When a link is loading, it will show a nice activity indicator while
    the user waits.

    To see this in the demo, click on the “Stats” link.

    Here is an example of Ajax-linkable source

  • Submitting forms via Ajax: Just like with external links, if you submit a form it will post it
    via Ajax and insert the resulting content into the body.

    To see this in the demo, click on the “Search” button and perform a

    Here is an example of PHP used to handle an Ajax form post

  • Correct history support: The back button now shows the name of the previous page instead of just the “home” page. Also, thanks to Kristopher Tate, it keeps in sync with the browser’s history when you use the built-in back button instead of the browser’s back button.
  • Much more visual polish: The visuals now replicate more of the fine details from Apple’s designs. I’ve been combing over pixels all night. Also, text that can’t fit on screen will be properly abridged with an ellipsis.
  • JavaScript compression: There is a variation of “iui.js” called “iuix.js” which is compressed using Dojo ShrinkSafe. It is about 4KB, where the original “iui.js” is 8KB. If you use the compressed version and use gzipping on your server, it will only be 1.8KB on the wire. Size matters when it comes to Edge ;)

UPDATE: Joe has blogged about his iUI work.

iUI Settings Demo

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Awesome :)

Comment by Калоян К. Цветков — July 11, 2007

And what the “Return of Investment” for this type apps?

Comment by Bono — July 11, 2007

What is the point if this? I don’t understand, at all.

Comment by landmammal — July 11, 2007

OK I sorta get it. Sorta. Calling these things apps though is questionable. They are web sites that look like the iphone interface. So they should behave well in the iphone gui, but they are just URLs, maybe web-apps.

Comment by landmammal — July 11, 2007

The point of this is develop web applications that feel right on the iPhone, just like Cocoa apps feel right on a Mac, .NET apps feel right on Windows, or GTK apps feel right on Linux.

Comment by Joe Hewitt — July 11, 2007

The only apps you can create for the iPhone are web-apps, so that’s the point.

Comment by Matt — July 11, 2007

Bono: the iphone represents one of the first mainstream mobile application platforms that offers first incredible easy deployment (i.e., no deployment), an easy developer story (i.e., HTML), and a pleasing, intuitive API that isn’t (A) way too small and (b) ugly as sin. This could be a huge deal, especially if the number of iphones approaches Apple’s goals.

Comment by Ben Galbraith — July 12, 2007

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