Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

iWorkWeb: Keynote, Pages, Numbers for the Web at Macworld?

MobileMe launched with SproutCore to big acclaim, and now we get some Macworld rumours that are not only about Steve’s health (I love Fraiche in Palo Alto) but also relates to our community.

Is iWork going to also have Web versions?:

We just got a truckload of Macworld information dumped on us from our best source. As we piece it together we’ll trickle it out. The first big piece of information is that iWork is going into the Cloud. Not just storage, either. We are talking interface for Numbers, Pages and Keynote (which is going to see some interesting new templates and transition additions). Yes, the iWork applications are now going to be Web Applications.

We already have something that feels like Keynote on the Web (280 Slides). There are lots of Pages/Numbers out there too, from Google Docs to Zoho to Buzzword.

How will Pages feel? Will it use cool Canvas effects? Will it use Safari propitiatory features? It will be fun to see.

My prediction for 2009 is that Canvas is going to be a huge part of the OpenWeb platform. I hope that we see some of this in action via the announcement next week!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:04 am
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