Monday, January 9th, 2006

J3Unit: javascript testing + jetty and junit

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J3Unit is a new OO testing framework for Javascript with optional integration with Jetty and Junit for automation into your test suite. It builds upon the work done with the test unit runner and JSUnit.

Of course, you can grab the zip file and just get up and running in static mode. Or take a look at the demo page for how static mode works.

Local browser mode sounds like an alternative to Selenium, or maybe Watir, though the description isn’t quite clear on it:

Local Browser Mode is a JUnit test case DefaultJ3UnitTest that runs both Jetty and Firefox on your local machine. This test case is intended to be included in a larger suite of JUnit tests that the user plans on running directly on his or her machine.

So I’m guessing the idea behind this mode is you can write your test cases in Junit or Javascript, and have a consistent, stand alone run environment with the Jetty+Firefox package. Of course, going with Junit brings with it the possibility of integration with Ant and CruiseControl, as the dojo folks have been doing this for awhile with Jum.

Does anyone know of similiar automation options for Javascript that don’t depend on Ant or Java?

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