Monday, April 10th, 2006

JackBe Hires Sun Engineers for SOA-Ajax Integration

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Ajax framework maker JackBe is expanding its business to include a consulting component, and has just announced some significant hires away from Sun. John Crupi, formerly Sun’s Chief Java Architect, is among three engineers heading over to JackBe. All three – Crupi, along with Deepak Alur and Dan Malks – are the authors of Core J2EE Patterns (highly influential book in the J2EE world).

Interesting to note the emphasis here is not so much on client-side Javascript as overall architecture and SOA – that’s the predominate skill of the new hires, and that’s where JackBe is heading.

To get a head start on the emerging trend of AJAX and SOA integration, JackBe, one of the early AJAX supporters (it had one of the first AJAX tool kits available on the market), has recruited three of Sun’s top Java/SOA engineers, including Distinguished Engineer and Chief Java Architect John Crupi.

Crupi, who also was former chief technology officer of Sun’s Enterprise Web Services Global Practice, joins JackBe as the company’s CTO. Deepak Alur, a Sun principal engineer who led Sun’s SOA initiatives and was lead architect for implementing eBay’s V3 project, joins as JackBe’s vice president of engineering. Dan Malks, also a Sun principal engineer, joins JackBe as vice president of solutions and strategic development.

If you’re wondering who JackBe is ….

JackBe was founded by Luis and Jacob Derechin in 2001 … Our considerable experience with these large enterprises convinced us that the real value of AJAX we bring to our customers goes far beyond simple enhancements to the front-end user interface, and involves more comprehensive solutions that integrate AJAX, SOA, and other advanced technologies into complete solutions.

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I did not care to see what JackBe offered because its website could not support Mozilla 1.7.8.

Comment by not_jack_be — April 10, 2006

Now, if they would only realize it’s “Ajax,” not “AJAX.”

Comment by Matthew Ratzloff — April 10, 2006

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I did not care to do my taxes this year because I couldn’t use a browser that barely no one uses. That will show them and I’m sure it will help me in the long run.

Comment by Rudager — April 15, 2006

It is “AJAX.” It is an Acronym.

Comment by Chad — April 18, 2006

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