Friday, October 17th, 2008

Java Plugin 6 Update 10 Production Release

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It really is plugin week isn’t it. We had Flash and Silverlight, so it was time for Java to pop its head up from the shadows, and that is what happened with the production release of Java 6 Update 10. It has to be one of the worst version names, but a solid plugin release it is! We originally sat down with Ken Russell to talk about this version on October 18th, 2007.

Cote has some nice coverage via his interview with Danny Coward:

When I was in his neck of the woods last, I got the chance to talk with Sun’s Danny Coward, the Chief Architect of Sun’s Client Software (that is, Java SE, Java ME, JavaFX and JavaCard), about Java 6 Update 10. That seems like kind of a narrow topic to speak to, but as Danny and I discuss, it’s a big release for Sun’s RIA and client-side (re-)push.

Along those lines, we spend a lot of time detailing the re-written plugin that’s used for Java applets and JavaFX, the improved installer and update experience, and other client side features like one of the new GUI look-n-feels, Nimbus.

Update 10 is available now.

I have to admit to not “getting” JavaFX, but the Java plugin features are great to see, and it is nice to see the final release.

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Isn’t JavaFX to Java what Flex is to Flash?

Comment by Joeri — October 17, 2008

I installed it last night on Windows Vista. Immediately after I went to to see if applet start times were noticeably different and I didnt’ see much change. Maybe I misunderstood how it was going to change. Oh well.

The new LNF is cute though. Not bad.

Comment by ilazarte — October 17, 2008

The download size is almost 78 MB. WT*?

And about the name for it, yes, confusing. Java 6 is actually Java 2, but also Java 1.6…

Comment by Jeria — October 17, 2008

Download the JRE its only 15 MB.
78MB is the JDK ( java runtime + developement kit ).

Comment by Pouleriguen — October 17, 2008

As long as I can tell nobody calls it java 1.6 nor java 2.

Comment by icoloma — October 22, 2008

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