Thursday, June 29th, 2006

JavaRef: Ajaxified JavaDoc

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All Java developers can spot the look and feel of JavaDoc a mile away. The new JavaRef (developed with the Apache Tapestry Java web framework) aims to give you another take, allowing you to search JavaDoc of over 80 projects.

On the Ajax side it provides:

  • Class/package/method search with auto-complete
  • Tabbed display of information for classes that brings in information as requested
  • Navigation across libraries for class references
  • Usage information
  • Floating method navigator

Ajax JavaDoc

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:42 am

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[…] I think Javaref (via Ajaxian)shows one of the most perfect use of AJAX. It has injected usability and ease in refering to the Java documentation. […]

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How could they not even include the standard java and jsp/servlet javadocs?

Comment by anon — June 29, 2006

Most people don’t realize that the standard Sun JDK and JEE javadocs are copyrighted and Sun does not allow other sites to host them.

Full marks to for abiding by that and not creating a like fiasco!

Comment by john Parker — June 29, 2006

Really good idea, but I think the old javadoc is probably more usable. I don’t like the advertising mixed so closely with the docs. It’s just too noisy for small APIs. I’d rather see it moved over to the right like Google does it. Also let the frame fill the entire screen. 800×600 or 1024×768 is too limiting. Let it flow. I like the source code tab in there that’s really nice.

Comment by Charlie Hubbard — June 29, 2006

There’s no need for something like this. The standard javadocs work fine off the web, and even better if you download them.

Comment by Gabriel — June 29, 2006

[…] (via Ajaxian) […]

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[…] I think Javaref (via Ajaxian) displays one of the best uses of AJAX. It has injected usability and ease in refering to the Java documentation. So welcome to the Web 2.0 JavaDoc. The default way of looking up is searching. This is made easier with features like autocomplete. Java API documentation are displayed in a style that is radically different from the classic javadoc style that ships with the JDK. The documentation includes class source code (where available), ability to leave user notes and ability to transparently navigate between APIs by following code references. […]

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