Friday, March 28th, 2008

JavaScript and jQuery Talk

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John Resig has published his JavaScript and jQuery talk that he gave at Northeastern. What does he cover?

I covered the basics of JavaScript – targeted to a Computer Science major (in the case of the students at NU, they learn Scheme and Java so I emphasized the subject matter to that audience). I did a fast run-through of the whole language, covering the main points, and move on to a quick inspection of jQuery and the DOM – closing with some Q&A. The subject matter of JavaScript 2 (and 1.6-1.8) came up a couple times so discussion of that was interspersed throughout. There were a bunch of jQuery users in the audience and it was great to get to hear their feedback.

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this guy should follow a “presentation training” course.

Comment by jackietreehorn — April 2, 2008

Great information.

Comment by custumsoftware — April 5, 2008

Very cool. I’m a big fan of John Resig. Keep the talks comin’!

Comment by jdempcy — May 6, 2008

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