Monday, August 1st, 2005

JavaScript and Screenreaders

Category: Accessibility

We are all worried about what happens in an Ajaxian world, for folks that use screen readers and the like.

The DOM Scripting Task Force is worried too:

What do you get when you cross JavaScript with a screen reader?

Exactly. We don’t know. We often hear people say things like “I assume screen readers don’t support JavaScript,� but that simply isn’t the case. We know how screen readers react to certain types of scripts, and we even know that screen reader vendors build additional scripting support and behaviours into their products (JAWS, for example has special functionality to allow people using screen readers to access the contents of “DHTML menus� triggered onmouseover). But really, we don’t know enough about how they interact with advanced DOM Scripting and AJAXian type techniques.

Access Matters has a sample application, and they want you to try out the quiz and give them feedback.

[ via Michael Moncur ]

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