Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and More Cheat Sheets

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This entry is just a pointer to an interesting resource that links to more cheat sheets that you can imagine.

As well as HTML / CSS versions, there is also info for various scripting languages, databases, and more.

JavaScript Cheat Sheets

HTML Cheat Sheets

CSS Cheat Sheets


Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:30 am

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I’ve been using the Visibone cheat sheets (I think i got the card collection for $10 from thinkgeek) for a long time, and it’s awesome. It has everything on HTML, Javascript, CSS, Web design, and Regular expressions you can imagine, and easily shows you browser compatibilities for every function.

Comment by Adi Unnithan — October 26, 2005

Not quite a “cheatsheet” but the westciv CSS Guide has been round for many many years, has been continually updated, also includes browser compatibility info, and is online here


(disclaimer, I am one of the authors)

Comment by john F Allsopp — October 26, 2005

Thanks for this man, this is so going to help me study for my test, thanks man.

Comment by Rhanef — November 11, 2005

Site with Lineage 2 game cheats.

Comment by Lineage 2 — January 27, 2006

i want this comment box for my web page you should give me the code

Comment by mick o'neill — April 5, 2006

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