Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

JavaScript Lint

Category: Utility

Out of Hanwell has announced the release of JavaScript Lint.

It’s a development tool that validates JavaScript code for best coding practices. It is derived from Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.

This tool can be integrated into VisualStudio or used standalone. From the website: ‘Many JavaScript implementations do not warn against questionable coding practices. Yes, that’s nice for the site that “works best with Internet Explorer” (designed with templates, scripted with snippets copied from forums). But it’s a nightmare when you actually want to write quality, maintainable code.

That’s where JavaScript Lint comes in. With JavaScript Lint, you can check all your JavaScript source code for common mistakes without actually running the script or opening the web page.’

Editorial: we have mentioned Douglas Crockford’s JSLint before.

[Submitted by Hans Mast]

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:57 pm
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