Friday, March 18th, 2005

JavaScript O Lait

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Mike passed on a link to JavaScript O Lait:

It’s more than just a JavaScript library.

The goal is to ease JavaScript development by building a library of reusable modules and components and enhancing JavaScript with simpler Class and Module handling mechanisms.

“JavaScript O Lait” is free and is covered by the LGPL.

There are some very interesting modules:

  • codecs – the string encoding/decoding module
  • crypto – cryptography algorithms like rc4 for string encryption/decryption (hashing,/digest coming soon).
  • jsonrpc – A json-rpc implementation.
  • lang – provides language services like serializing objects to JSON and tokenizing JavaScript.
  • stringformat – the string formatting module(loaded with the main module)
  • urllib – provides http post, get, .. functionalities.
  • xml – provides xml services like parsing, xml2String and importing functionalities
  • xmlrpc – an XML-RPC implementation.

The more you look around, the more you see.

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Thanks for the site! One general comment: Gray font on gray background looks good but is kinda hard to read :(

Comment by Ayush — March 18, 2005

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Comment by Vietnam Travel — July 7, 2006

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