Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

JavaScript Performance Rocks; Beware the DOM monster!

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When I heard that the dynamic duo Thomas Fuchs and Amy Hoy were writing a book I wanted to check it out.

They have released a beta version, which is pretty much code complete, with just some copy and illustration tweaks to come ($24).

The book is actually a bit of a two in one, as not only do you get some great content (see below) but you also get a very nice tool called DOM Monster.

First, the content:

You will see that the book is split into the world of loadtime and runtime, with content including:


  • Script load order
  • Caching
  • Concatenation
  • Inlining and precaching
  • Compressing, minification
  • Using multiple hosts
  • Profiling
  • JavaScript on demand


  • DOM
  • Pure, clear JavaScript

And other items such as iPhone tips, and how to measure all of this.

DOM Monster

Then here we have the DOM monster, a bookmarklet that puts together lessons learned from the book and analyzes your page:

Very cool indeed. Nice to see a book from a pragmatic practitioner like these two.

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thats nice :D

Comment by V1 — January 22, 2009

Wow, thanks for the link!

Just wanted to note that we’re not code complete yet :) There’s a lot more code than there is writing around it, true, but we’ve got even more planned.

Comment by amyhoy — January 22, 2009

the book is pretty good.. lots of descriptions for novices.. also lots of examples on how to set up apache/ngnix/etc for cache control.. or the command line for YUI Compressor.
i feel like the book is about half the size it should be. theres a lot of knowledge from yahoo performance that isn’t in here (maybe a good thing). more technical examples would improve it.
also links to more details on each of the recommendations would be useful. there are blog posts all over with more detail on each of these, reach out and extend the education.
dom monster is pretty sweet. (though i’m surprised to hear html comments can slow dom parsing and traversing..)

Comment by PaulIrish — January 22, 2009

Paul, you might be surprised to find that I agree with you! We are both known to be perfectionists (fighting that particular demon in order to ship the beta, though!). I dunno about doubling precisely, but we’ll keep writing and revising til it’s really done, and I do believe that’ll be 170-190 pages or so.

And thanks for the feedback re: external references. I hadn’t thought of it in quite that way. I’ll be sure that we add a lot more outgoing links :)

(BTW, if you’re curious about our dedication, I am sitting in a bar in Heathrow, waiting for a 2-leg 24-hour flight!)

Comment by amyhoy — January 22, 2009

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