Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

JavaScript Security Concerns

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Michael Moncur has spoken about the concerns wrt security with GreaseMonkey.

I understand that people get concerned when they think of scripts running wild on their system.

However, like Michael, I also find it ironic that many of the same people are 100% ok with installing firefox extensions, or grabbing the latest Cool Toy from the internet.

There are simple rules:

If you want to be safe. Install nothing.

If you want to install cool features, you have to trust where it came from.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:38 am

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If those rules were true, then software development would be much further behind than it is. The middle road between those two rules is: install (trusted) stuff that enforces a security model, then run cool features within the security model.

This isn’t new; AT&T and BSD Unix did it. Java has a security manager class. DHTML has a security model.

None of them are great. DHTML lets you upload data to servers, Java fixes that but lets scripts consume all your RAM and CPU, and so on.

And yep, install a Mozilla extension on your Windows box, and you ain’t using a security model at all.

Funny, I was musing about this yesterday ( ) … I wonder if a good popular security model will emerge, or if instead web developers only write good apps for the sloppier insecure models. There’s definitely precedent…


Comment by Travis Wilson — April 1, 2005 website

Comment by Jason — January 9, 2007

installing firefox extensions is safe

Comment by Maldives — May 19, 2007

“If you want to be safe. Install nothing.

If you want to install cool features, you have to trust where it came from.


Comment by atshya — August 9, 2007

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