Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

JavaScript Tricks And Good Programming Style

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A wise man once said that one can never have too many Javascript hints and tricks. Well, okay – so maybe I made the man up, but the tips are real and there are some over in this new post from Alexander Kirk.

I have been programming for about 10 years now, and I am always longing for improving my code. Throughout time I added a few habits that I consider to be good practices and increase the quality of my code.

The subjects of the tips vary, but are all still useful little nuggests of information. The list of his tips include:

  • Adding Parameters Hints
  • Search JavaScript documentation (with usable results)
  • Reducing the indentation amount

with a total of five hints, each with their own code and explainations to flesh them out.

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Terrible article. These “tips” are all bad practices. See my comment on the article page, it explains why.

Comment by Jack Slocum — August 11, 2006

I agreer most of the tips are bad practice, but if you read the comments that have been left behind you will learn, or re-learn some nice practices to help you in your work. Especially for an old “C” war horse like myself.

Comment by MicroImaging — August 11, 2006

This article has been updated. The new version is much better and the examples have been cleaned up.

Comment by Jack Slocum — August 13, 2006

Link Listing – August 16, 2006

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