Monday, December 6th, 2010

JavaScriptMVC 3.0 Released. New Features and Standalone Subprojects.

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Jupiter IT announced today the release of v3.0 of JavaScriptMVC, their OSS framework for enterprise-scale applications. The release encompasses a bevy of new features which touch on testing, Less and CoffeeScript support and enhanced documentation. The features/updates mentioned include:

  • FuncUnit – Web Testing Framework
  • Stand Alone Sub Projects – You can download only the tools you need
  • Multi-Page builds – Optimize builds across multiple pages
  • Less and CoffeeScript support – Use Less and CoffeeScript without having to refresh your page.
  • New Folder Structure – A revamped file structure that makes it easier to build modular applications.
  • Learn-ability – Much better docs, examples, demo, etc.

This new release also breaks out the framework allowing for individual subprojects which can be used independently instead of needing the whole framework. Each has their own github repo, documentation and support.

With 3.0, every part works standalone. So no matter the project, you can start benefitting from JavaScriptMVC’s goodies.

Big steps have been taken to improving the learning experience and getting developers up-to-speed. This includes:

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@Rey, links at the bottom of the post are broken.

This is an excellent looking project and I’m very excited to start digging into it having just spent months decoupling a messy jQuery UI app. Certainly deserving of some serious attention from the jQuery community.

The blog posts on jQuery.Model et al. are definitely worth a read too, very well explained, having struggled to see how MVC would fit with thick client web-apps, the use-cases here make a lot of sense. Very nice stuff.

Comment by friendlyjs — December 7, 2010

ExtJS 4.0 will also have baked-in support and guidelines for MVC application structuring. Try view-source on the Sencha Touch 1.0 demos for a sneak preview. (No, I don’t work for them, just enjoy using ExtJS for my projects)

Comment by pianoroy — December 7, 2010

Ah, finally a good post on Ajaxian again. Will check this project for sure. It looks promising! Never heard of it before, although they are at v3 already.

Comment by BozeWolf — December 7, 2010

Correct link for demo is:

Comment by fansipans — December 9, 2010

I like new more then this MVC.

Comment by lubino — January 27, 2011

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