Thursday, July 5th, 2007

JDocs 2: Now with Ajax

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JDocs is a place to search Java API documentation. It does more than just give you the usual Javadoc though. Users can annotate the documentation, Wiki style, and thus the documentation gets better.

This new release is jam packed with Ajax support, from the wiki support, to model queries, and much more.

JDocs 2

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:17 am

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damn, this really buggy in IE

Comment by anonymous — July 5, 2007

Bah, how cares, IE is only 78% of all users!

Comment by justin — July 5, 2007

Hey guys. We fixed up a few issues yesterday with the IE support. Please let me know if there are more. Primarily, the search drop down should work again.

Comment by Matthew Schmidt — July 5, 2007

We found and fixed a number of the IE bugs yesterday, and we’ll stay right on top of fixing anything we can pinpoint as a problem.

The truth is that only about 18% of our network users use IE, and firefox completely dominates. That’s no excuse for IE bugs, of course. We’ll address IE bugs as quickly as people report them.


Comment by Rick — July 5, 2007

“Bah, how cares, IE is only 78% of all users!”

JSDoc targets professional web developers, who generally know better than to use such a piece of crap for anything other than testing.

Comment by The Hater — July 5, 2007

I’m not sold on the usefulness of this. I’m quite happy with setting up maven so that my maven generated IDEA project has the libraries bundled as jar+source+javadoc.

Aslo my guess that that in a short period of time there will be all kinds of flash ads between methods in jdocs. Didnt the old version of jdocs already have lots of ads? No thank you, I prefer reading docs without ads.

I must admit that the main tabs on the jdocs page is pretty cool :)

Comment by Sanjiv Jivan — July 5, 2007

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