Monday, November 6th, 2006

Jellyfish: Where buying smack means something else

We have friends at JellyFish, which is a startup that is pioneering cash back via CPA advertising.

For the last week we have been jumping on their newest product “smack shopping! deal of the day”. A smack is a group of jellyfish by the way (not what you are thinking). The smack shopping deal is a reverse auction that counts down over time, so you get a larger and larger rebate until they are out of stock (and you don’t know how many are left of course).

Jellyfish Smack Shopping

It has been an addicting activity for some people, as they sit there waiting for it to go down just a little bit more.

Since some of the developers are friends, and we are a developer blog, we have to tease them a bit though :)

On the first day of the auctions (with just a small private group using the service) we realised that the % off between some of us was different. I would have 30% off, when Jim would have 40% off say. Hmm, how could that happen? We quickly realised that our clock wasn’t set to the same time, and for that day only (they fixed this quickly!) the rebate amount was based on your local time! All typical startup growing pains.

The application is a Rails front-end that talks to a hefty back-end service. Go get some smack! (Daily @ 1pm Eastern)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:33 pm
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