Friday, June 12th, 2009

Jetpack 0.2: slidebars, jetpack.future, and persistent storage

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On the back of the first Jetpack announcement, we see new version announced, 0.2 that adds slidebars, jetpack.future, and persistent storage.

Slidebar isn’t a spelling mistake, but a slightly different take on the traditional sidebar. Check out Aza in his screencast to see them in action, and wait for the part where he sucks in a playing video and lets you continue to browse the Web elsewhere.

To code up a slidebar you simply:


  1. jetpack.slideBar.append({
  2.   icon: "",
  3.   url: "",
  4.   width: 300
  5. });

but you have to use another new feature of Jetpack 0.2…. future:

Jetpack is two things at once: it is a platform for experimentation and it is also a solid set of APIs that anyone to easily build new Firefox features. To enable Jetpack to be both stable and — at the same time — to experiment with not-quite-yet-ready features we’ve added the ability to import new features from the “future”.

Slidebars, for example, are still highly experimental. To use them, you need to import them from the future first.

Read more about future in the Jetpack enhancement proposal (JEP) for jetpack.future.


Persistent Storage and Clipboard Support

One of the most requested features in the Jetpack development mailing list was for the ability to persistently store data across restarts.

We’ve added simple storage to the future module. The API is defined in the storage JEP. Using it as simple as:

var db =;
var data = {name: "Firefox", twitter: "@firefox"};
db.set( "friend", data );

Give it a go!

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Jetpack is a pretty hot tool. It’s a shame to develop for a single environment (being in web dev and all), but such simple coding for a browser is sweet.

Comment by dimitryz — June 12, 2009

load of spam in the HTML of this article as well…

Comment by kae — June 14, 2009

yeah, may be a wordpress attack: “bablooO-start”

Comment by Aimos — June 15, 2009

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