Friday, December 25th, 2009

Jetty introduces WebSocket support (relunctantly)

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Greg Wilkins tried to get people to do better than WebSocket as it was being defined. His BWTP proposal didn’t get traction so what does he do? He introcuces a great Jetty WebSocket implementation:

Chrome and Firefox will soon be supporting WebSocket, so WebSocket (for better or for worse) will soon be available in the wild.

So if you can’t beat them, join them. Having failed to convince others to create a better protocol, I’m now determined for Jetty to provide the best implementation of the protocol and to become the server of choice for WebSocket Comet development, deployment ( and experimenting with improving the protocol).

Jetty’s async IO architecture is ideally suited to providing a very scalable implementation of WebSocket that is well integrated with standard server-side java application environments. Thus Jetty-7.0.1 now includes a WebSocket server.

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Dion, go and drink some sherry or something :)

Comment by jeromew — December 26, 2009

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