Friday, August 4th, 2006

Jetty Servlet Container Implements Comet

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Greg Wilkins, the creator and maintainer of the popular Jetty servlet container (i.e., a Java web server), has written a blog entry announcing Jetty’s support for the Comet design pattern via Cometd:

Cometd is a scalable HTTP-based event routing bus that uses a push technology pattern known as Comet. The term ‘Comet’ was coined by Alex Russell in his post ‘Comet: Low Latency Data for the Browser’. Cometd consists of a protocol spec called Bayeux, javacript libraries (dojo toolkit), and an event server.

Jetty now has just an implementation of the cometd event server that uses the Continuation mechanism for asynchronous servlets.

Greg also uses the blog to urge the creation of client and server APIs for the Comet pattern:

to achieve true interoperability, we will need to develop standardized APIs on both the client and server side. Having standard protocol is a start on this, as it defines the capabilities that will need to be expressed in the APIs

Cruise on over to port 8080 on Wilkins’ box and check it out.

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How exciting! Jetty has been my preferred servlet container for development for a long time now, keep up the good work!

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — August 4, 2006

[…] Jetty seems like an interesting web container that is on the cutting edge of some new AJAx technologies. […]

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