Friday, July 7th, 2006

JFK Assassination Timeline

Category: Showcase, UI

The JFK Assassination Timeline is a nice example of a dragable clickable pure JS UI.

The demo shows off SIMILE:

SIMILE is a joint project conducted by the W3C, MIT Libraries, and MIT CSAIL. SIMILE seeks to enhance inter-operability among digital assets, schemata/vocabularies/ontologies, metadata, and services. A key challenge is that the collections which must inter-operate are often distributed across individual, community, and institutional stores. We seek to be able to provide end-user services by drawing upon the assets, schemata/vocabularies/ontologies, and metadata held in such stores.

JFK Assassination Timeline

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:03 am

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Guys, you allready posted this 6 days ago:

Comment by Gilles — July 7, 2006

this is a double post. I dig the highlighter (very nice)!

Comment by Mario — July 7, 2006


Comment by rashmi — July 9, 2006

Like the concept, but someone tell coders that they need to disable text selection when implementing drag and drop functionality. :)

Comment by M. Schopman — July 11, 2006

verry nice, i like it !

Comment by Anon — July 28, 2006

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