Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Jive Wildfire Server: Enterprise IM

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We aren’t done in the IM race :) Jive Software has released Wildfire Server an open XMPP (Jabber) based IM solution:

Wildfire is an enterprise instant messaging (EIM) server dual-licensed under the Open Source GPL and commercially. It uses the only widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber). Wildfire is incredibly easy to setup and adminster, but offers rock-solid security and performance.
Use Wildfire in your organization as a more secure and feature-rich alternative to the consumer IM networks. Or, replace your existing EIM server with a more open, easier to use, and much less expensive solution.

Jive Wildfire IM

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:24 am

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Jive is far from the only open source instant messaging solutions.

Process-one, specialist of high-performance messaging solutions, has pushed ejabberd to huge instant messaging deployments. This is one of the most robust and scalable instant messaging solution around. has recently moved to ejabberd for scalability purpose.

According to Peter Saint-Andre, Executive Director of the Jabber Software Foundation: [We wanted to] use an open-source server that could meet our scalability needs. From our knowledge of existing large deployments (e.g., and as well as test results posted on the Internet, that meant ejabberd.

Comment by Mickaël Rémond — March 16, 2006

We’ve been running Wildfire as the in house IM tool for a few weeks in our organization. There are about 350 users on our install and it works great! Can’t beat it’s set up either; unpack, run the bootstrap script, then configure via it’s web interface. Comes configured with support for encrypted chat ( using self-signed certs ) , No hunting down libraries and resolving dependancies. Woo Hoo Wildfire rocks!

Comment by Vance Dubberly — March 16, 2006


Thanks for the plug! We’re using Wildfire at Atlassian to power our internal IM network, as well as the external activities you see here. It’s a fantastic package (like all the Jive stuff!).

What you see here is just the ‘group chat’ client (skinned for Atlassian look and feel). It’s a browser based Ajax client that connects to the Jabber server. Atlassian-ites were in this chat using their own rich clients (Adium, Trillian, Spark etc) which is what makes it so neat. It’s not “web chat” but “Jabber chat” in the web.

We’re also moving forward to using Wildfire for live support and a host of other real time notification tasks within the company. I love it :)


Comment by Mike Cannon-Brookes — March 16, 2006

Not work in IE.

Comment by linb — March 16, 2006

Where do you find the AJAX IM Client whish should not work on IE ?

Comment by Holger — March 17, 2006

what web-based chat client did you use?

Comment by krazykarl — March 17, 2006

Dion, thanks for the link. To answer some questions from other comments: the group chat client on the Atlassian site is part of the Jive Forums 5.0 release. Also, anyone not already using XMPP to host their organization’s IM server — it’s time to make the switch!

Comment by Matt — March 17, 2006


Setting up a basic ejabberd server is also very easy and very quick.
Still not convinced ?
You should have a look at this video tutorial: Set-up an Enterprise Instant Messaging server in 180 seconds :-)

Comment by Mickaël Rémond — March 19, 2006

I have been working with WIldfire 2.5.1. It is working well with a HUGE LDAP database. The developers are always available for questions and the community is on par for any out there. Was using Jabberd2, found that all of the .conf files starting getting confusing. EJabberd is nice, but not as scalable in reagrds to features and functionality over the short term.

Comment by Jeff Garner — March 31, 2006

Ok, Ejabberd is a nice solution, Give it a 24,000 user LDAP and then I will be convinced of scalability. Wildfire works well for us, and the support is still first rate. I dont work for Jive, you can find me all over their boards though. Great product, Great bunch of folks, and the commercial products allow for enterprise deployment of some facinating features not found in Jabberd2, eJabberd, or some of the proprietary products. EJabberd is becoming more scalable, and I am not saying anything bad about the product. It’s actually rather nice, for what I need in a extremely large corporate environment, Wildfire is the one for me.

Comment by Jeff_Garner — May 23, 2006

I understand. I was reacting to your message because I thought your were saying that ejabberd was not good for extremely large corporate environment. We have deploied in very large corporate environment and it works extremely well.
Regarding the LDAP support you are looking for, this is however true that none of our customer is needing this feature. That’s why it is still an experimental module.
This will change as soon as we, or one of our customer, need it.

Thank you for your feedback :-)

Mickaël Rémond

Comment by Mickaël Rémond — May 29, 2006

Has anyone been able to use the SPARK chat client via the web, I have tried and got 50% working, but some of the functionality still not there, missing. Seen other thread with same.

Comment by scottygeek — May 31, 2006

Manual here:

Comment by asdsd — September 1, 2006

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