Thursday, February 1st, 2007

jMaki Revolver

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Greg Murray of Sun has put together a sample jMaki widget revolver that you use like this:


  1. window.onload = function() {
  2.     var wargs = {uuid : 'jmaki-revolver'};
  3.     wargs.value = [
  4.       {"title" : "jMaki Craigs List Sample", imgSrc : "../images/cl-mashup.jpg", href :""},
  5.       {"title" : "jMaki Geocoder Map Sample", imgSrc : "../images/mapit.jpg", href :""},
  6.       {"title" : "jMaki Charting Sample", imgSrc : "../images/jmaki-charting.jpg", href :""},
  7.       {"title" : "jMaki Sample Application", imgSrc : "../images/jmaki-sample-app.jpg", href :""}
  8.    ];
  9.    var revolver = new jmaki.widgets.revolver.Widget(wargs);
  10. }

Check it out to see animated revolving in action.

jMaki Revolver

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:55 am

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Sound with Javascript a couple of posts back, funky revolving action here, I wonder if flash (as the most widespread plugin of all) is really so bad? As proof of concept I like it, sure, but i doubt I’d use it in a commercial project. Isn’t this re-inventing the wheel?

Comment by Matthias — February 1, 2007

This is very amateur at best, even for a proof of concept. I created a proof of concept of the exact same thing (rotating JS that is) using prototype and This “revolver” doesn’t even move in a circle, come on, get out your trig book and figure it out.

Comment by Ryan — February 1, 2007

To Matthias: agreed on the reinventing bit, however, you could easily replace the Widget by a flash app (or a quicker implementation at least) and still keep the same code in the pages using jMaki…

Comment by Sad Developper — February 1, 2007

drrrr… so apparently I can’t type… the web address of the my proof of concept was … I can do JS, just not type

Comment by Ryan — February 1, 2007

What’s would be a good commercial implementation of such a thing?

Comment by TreeLife — February 1, 2007

I doubt this effects works on iframes? Then I can see it being useful for some eye candy animation to go from one registration screen or tab to next. Other then that, I can’t think of any uses for this, like it was said in previous comments, doing this in flash would be a lot smoother and less resource intensive and probably more productive.

Comment by Tahir Khan — February 1, 2007

The revolver was a weekend project that was meant to be something a little fun. I’ve been wondering how far we can push Javascript without any SVG and this is a good start. Many thought the fishe eye effect wouldn’t hold water but people still like it.

For the question regarding moving in a circle. The revolver was not meant to move in a ciricular path, if it did it wouldn’t look good (you can change it if you chose to use the code). I gues my real question for everyone is ‘Do you think this is usefull enough to use in a enterrpise app?’

Comment by Greg Murray — February 1, 2007

Hey I like it Greg I actually do have a use for it too. When is being released ?

Comment by Hairy Hatman — April 11, 2007

I like it. Did you already release it.?

Comment by Gina — May 13, 2007

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