Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Joe Hewitt Firebug power user demo

Category: Utility

Joe Hewitt (Firebug creator) gave a power-user demo of Firebug at the Yahoo! campus to share and explore the Firebug 1.0 release.

The video shows you the subtle features within:

  • Highlighting the DOM that you know your Ajax call will eventually update, and see Firebug showing you what is updated
  • The profiler at work: the difference between time spent only in that function, versus including recursive calls into other functions
  • Tying into the profiler from your code
  • Tips and tricks for the inspector, profiler, network, and more

It is always interesting to see the creator of a tool show you how they use it.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:27 am

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Hello Dion,
Not working on my side (tested it from two different PCs / network).

Comment by cypher — January 30, 2007

Now ok. At least I can tell sound is crap. ;-)
Sorry about that.

Comment by cypher — January 30, 2007

The video currently shown here is from last year, I think they mistakenly put the older one up. There was a newer one filmed last week on the 1.0 release. Until they update this page you can see it on the YUI Theater.

Comment by Scott Schiller — January 30, 2007

Just when you thought Firebug couldn’t get more beautiful…you learn more about it. Thanks for posting this Dion!

Comment by dubness — January 30, 2007

The video of last week’s presentation, “Welcome to Firebug 1.0,” can be found on the YUIBlog. Note that there was some audio hissing introduced in the transcoding on Yahoo Video, but the audio (and video picture) is clearer on the downloadable version available from that blog article. -Eric

Comment by Eric Miraglia — January 30, 2007

I just don’t understand how a guy can talk about such an interesting subject and yet be as dull as this guy. Brilliance, it seems here, has nothing to do with communication skills.

Comment by Argus — January 30, 2007

What I don’t understand is how he kept himself from interjecting “Man, I’m one smart mofo!” after every few sentences. If I created Firebug (then made it better, and then better still and then released a version that made the other versions look like toys), I’d be wearing a t-shirt and baseball cap that said “One smart mofo” and had a picture of me on it.

Yes, people would think I was nuts. But I’d be like “screw you, I invented Firebug!”

I think we should all be glad Joe Hewitt created Firebug and not me.

Comment by Mark Kawakami — January 30, 2007

Do you think his “um” count be higher than palosi’s blink count?

sorry – just had to bang him a bit, you know bring him down to our level. ;-)

Comment by sam — January 31, 2007

awesome, –love any and all the good Firebug references that are available. This is good stuff. I really want to become better with this great tool. Thanks for posting this info, Dion!

Comment by Mark Holton — January 31, 2007

Argus: I’d like to see how well you do presenting something technical at a Yahoo or Google. Wheres the vidcast from the last presentation you gave so we can take notes?

Comment by Rob Sanheim — February 2, 2007

Dorks. All of you!

var db = new DeuscheBag;
db.name = “Ajaxian Commenter”;
db.say(“Blah Blah – I am so smart!”);

Comment by Christian Bradley — February 5, 2007

Powerful tool. And Joe Hewitt is so handsome.

Comment by Guest — April 7, 2007

Well done, very powerful web developing tools, especially for javascript!

Comment by qmao — July 25, 2007

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