Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Joe Hewitt Talks on Firebug (Video)

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If you’ll remember a little while back, we posted about the latest release of a handy Javascript extension for Firefox that makes working with the language much simpler. Well, the folks over at the Yahoo! Interface Blog have posted even more information about it – this time, in the format of a video from a presentation.

Joe Hewitt, a longtime Mozilla/Firefox engineer and the author of DOM Inspector, recently made a return to frontend development after many years working on browser code. He found that the state of the art in terms of tooling hadn’t advanced much since his days as a DHTML author in the late 1990s.

While many frontend engineers have lamented the state of debugging tools in the JavaScript development arena, Joe reacted in a singularly useful fashion: He set about in January 2006 to create a Firefox extension that brought together some of the great strengths of Venkman and DOM Inspector in an integrated, lightweight interface. Adding features inspired by sources ranging from Python to Prototype, he’s been evolving FireBug for the past five months and developing a cult following of developers who are finding FireBug to be an essential part of their toolkit.

You can find the actual video of the presentation over on this post, but keep in mind there were a few audio problems, so it’s a bit difficult to hear him over the background noise in some parts. You can still get the ideas that he’s coming across with, however, and that’s what counts.

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That video looks interesting, but it’s 64Mb big. So I don’t get to view it whilst my partners on a 40 man raid. :-)

Comment by Dominic Mitchell — May 31, 2006

Firebug is an absolute must for anyone developing with Javascript and especially doing AJAX related work. I’ve been using it extensively on the Yokudo project and it’s has a great impact on my overall productivity.

Keep up the good work !!


Comment by Mic Pringle — June 1, 2006

hmmm very interesting………..

Comment by Richard — January 8, 2007

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