Monday, November 12th, 2007

John Resig plays with ECMAScript 4

Category: JavaScript, Screencast

With all of the talk about ECMAScript 4, instead of opining about it, how about taking it for a test drive?

John has developed a screencast on how to start playing right away:

  • Read up:
    • ECMAScript 4 White Paper – This is a broad overview of all the features that are in the language along with some trivial examples of how they should work.
    • Tamarin and ECMAScript 4 Presentation – This is the presentation that I’ve given a couple times now showing examples of many of the aspects of the languages. Generally, the examples shown are more complete than those shown in the white paper.
  • Download it
  • Start coding.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:50 am

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Your post has broken the ajaxian layout!

FF Mac

Comment by Sebastian Munz — November 12, 2007

We taught Rey, now time to teach Dion not to break the site :) Nice post, just hard to read with broken layout.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — November 12, 2007

We can write complex in-depth Javascript, traverse the DOM with nary an issue and optimize loading with the smallest of tweaks. Closing tags for our HTML? Completely beyond us.


Comment by Woot — November 12, 2007

Heard of YouTube?

Comment by Andy — November 12, 2007

I find it ironic that John is writing examples about classes and OO. :D (refer to FUEL presentation)

Comment by Olmo Maldonado — November 12, 2007

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