Friday, March 23rd, 2007

JotSpace: More whiteboards

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JotSpace is a free collaboration whiteboard that allows simultaneous/multi-user drawing and editing on the screen. It also has sticky pads, image upload, connectors, chat and more.

This is an alpha release, but is starting to look good.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:46 am

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How can you say it is starting to look good, when the only thing you can do on the page is to look at a skided screenshot?

Even on a slow news day, this is a really useles post :-(

Comment by Martin — March 23, 2007

Complete and utter agreement with Martins post.

Comment by Gudbergur — March 23, 2007

I can only agree with Martin and Gudgergur’s post.
The youtube video itself doesnt demo the simultaneous/multi-user scenario.
It looks like a simple drawing board. I believe I’ve seen better, professionally competitive functional multi-user whiteboards on the web.

Comment by Kahn — March 23, 2007

I signed up as beta tester and it works great except for a couple things. Long pause when going to your board list and a cap of 4 multi-users per board. Not sure what thats about but multi-user function does work perfectly. They still have to clean it up a bit but overall very impressive.

Comment by Cyrid — March 23, 2007

I think martin missed the video. This looks really cool! Is there a launch date? Gudbergur – what other whiteboards are there?

Comment by Coleman — March 23, 2007

Looks really cool but they should have demo of real thing instead of videos.

Comment by navdeep — March 23, 2007

Hey i looked up at the jotspace site, but could not find out more about this white board . Can some one tell me if this is made in flash or javascript or any other technology if which am unaware…

Comment by Ashish — March 24, 2007

Javascript/ajax mostly. No flash from what I see. Although you can generate jpgs of the whiteboard which must be some sort of server control or something. Any know how or what to use to do screen captures like that?

Comment by Cyrid — March 24, 2007

I love the drawing. Can’t wait to try it.

Comment by Suresh — March 24, 2007

One should focus of the broader of this product. I think we are seeing a popular product like those online collaboration tool.

Comment by TreeLife — March 26, 2007

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