Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

JotSpot: Client-side engineer

JotSpot is looking for “someone who isn’t afraid to treat JS/DHTML as a real language. Someone who will apply creative design and engineering rigor to client-side programming” in Palo Alto, CA.

You should have…

  • Deep experience designing modular, object-oriented JavaScript.
  • As a guideline, we expect you’d need the equivalent of at least 1 full year’s experience working exclusively on JavaScript/HTML/CSS (“AJAX”) web applications
  • A feel for good design — both in terms of engineering and user experience. Along with the drive and ability to turn that feel into working products.
    • Preferably with some working examples we can look at.
    • Note that the app(s) in question must be Javascript-*driven*, not merely Javascript-“enhanced”
  • Very strong practical knowledge of relevant W3C standards (XHTML, DOM, CSS) and the de-facto standards (XHR, browser properties, etc).
  • Demonstrated expert-level knowledge in overcoming cross-browser compatibility problems in Javascript and CSS
  • Experience with server-side web frameworks such as JSP/Struts, PHP/Smarty, ASP, WebObjects/Tapestry, etc… or something homegrown.
  • Familiarity with http protocol and ability to use it for low-level troubleshooting
  • Tolerance for the overhead of rapidly iterating toward greater usability. Insistence on complete/frozen specifications just won’t work here.

Why Jot

Jot is a great place for a hardcore DHTML person to work.

We “get” DHTML and Open Source. We’ve funded the development of huge portions of the Dojo open source framework and are continuing to introduce new features and applications based on it.

Combined with the Jot platform’s amazing flexibility and its server-side JavaScript, it’s the perfect place to work for folks who get the web and think it’s fun to use dynamic languages, on either side of the HTTP connection, to rapidly bring an array of cool products to market.

If you like what you read, please learn more about the
company at www.jot.com and send your resume to jobs@jot.com

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:03 am

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Points for merit list relevance to creating modern web tools, but where is the part of the post that sells the company and the projects the employee-to-be would actually get to work on? Or the company work environment and atmosphere, or anything else that would be an appetizing read for someone matching the programmer profile. Feel free to borrow some ideas from Google, who generally make a great impression to their would-be future employees.

This is something I would expect to find at a paid-for job listings site, not in Ajaxian. Whether it actually is a pre-paid ad or not.

Comment by Johan Sundström — January 3, 2006

Hi Johan,

This is not a paid-for section. Anyone can put job listings in this area.

We found a lot of people emailing us with jobs, having a touch time finding the right people, and they thought it may be good to post things here.

We didn’t want to put postings in the main area, so we decided to setup a seperate area (hence /jobs).

The goal is to connect companies to top developers. For those who do not want to know about jobs, they can stay away from this section.


Dion Almaer

Comment by Dion — January 3, 2006

Although it does show up in the RSS feed

Comment by Tom — January 3, 2006

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