Sunday, December 18th, 2005

JotSpot Tracker: Dojo 0.2 in action

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Stop Emailing Spreadsheets is the cry from the Jot team. This comes with their latest application, built on top of the Jot framework, JotSpot Tracker.

JotSpot Tracker does a bunch of things, but at the core, you can share your data with people in a simple way. Rather than sharing text a la JotSpot Live, this is all about tabular data a la Excel.

The excel magic is bidirectional, and you can be changing the doc at the same time with others.

Dojo 0.2 was just released, and it is at the heart of Tracker.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:49 pm

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Nice to see Dojo finally in action. It pushed me a little closer to choosing to work with Dojo instead of Prototype/scriptaculous. One thing I noticed though;the page 560kb. A little heavy don’t you think?


Comment by Nathan Tran — December 18, 2005

Tracker looks like a really fun little app. Except it’s not little.

Loading the Tracker page freezes my browser (tried with both Safari and Firefox on a mac) for about 15 seconds – there is no loading feedback, but even worse, the entire browser is unresponsive and I can’t click anything.

560kb of Javascript apparently is too much for my poor browser to handle.

Comment by Bob — December 18, 2005

This is apparently a prime example where On-Demand Javascript would come in super handy… display the basics right away and load up extra libraries are features are requested that require them.

Comment by Mike Ritchie — December 19, 2005

Hi Nathan+Bob,

So the Tracker beta was meant to be private, and as such we have been using debugging builds of Dojo. The link leaked, and we’ve been working as fast and hard as possible to improve the experience. There is between when we fix something and when it goes out to the world due to the testing cycle.

Last week we switched to a production build, which will go out for public consumption sometime this week. It should decrease page weight by 20-30%.


Comment by Alex Russell — December 19, 2005

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Comment by hacker — December 20, 2005

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