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jQuery 1.2.3: Support for AIR, Namespacing

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The jQuery team announced today the release of jQuery v1.2.3. Primarily a bug fix for v1.2.2, this new release also includes new features to make it compatible with the Adobe AIR runtime and SDK:

The primary purpose of this release was to fix a couple outstanding bugs from the jQuery 1.2.2 release. Specifically, this release is now compatible with Adobe AIR, will be included in Drupal 6, and will be the base for jQuery UI 1.5. Additionally, a couple minor features, for plugin developers, were included in this release.

Another notable feature is the enhancement of the namespaced event methods, specifically unbind(), which now allows you to remove all bound events that match a particular namespace.:

$(“div”).bind(“click.plugin”, function(){});
$(“div”).bind(“mouseover.plugin”, function(){});
$(“div”).unbind(“.plugin”); // All handlers removed

You can download this new jQuery release via the following links:

jQuery 1.2.3:

If you wish to checkout the full release from the Subversion repository, you can do so by following the instructions and checking out the source from the following location:

svn co

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Yeaaaa Adobe AIR support, now jQuery can be caught up to Mootools in another area they were dogs in! The funny part is Mootools didn’t even need a new release to be AIR compatible, it just is. Why is this lib getting so much press lately? I guess it is pretty easy to learn, but I don’t see where that makes up for the vanilla-stick-to-the-natives-don’t-push-the-envelope core. I am a project manager, I have used both in various projects in our company, and without question Mootools is smoother, more readily cross-browser, and generally is more powerful than jQuery. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you can have all the features of Moo with jQuery, it’s just that your 20k advertised package balloons to 200k when you add in “Interface” or “jQ UI” or any of the other ‘I-should-be-verified-and-in-the-core-packages”

PS – We used Interface on a project to get two plugins we needed and they ended up having compatibility issues…wait for it…wait for it…WITH EACH OTHER. Yeah, good luck with that.

Comment by csuwldcat — February 8, 2008

lol You can resolve the conflicts by stacking a new namespaced instance of jQuery for each plugin.

jQuery gets the press because rey bango is an official member of the jquery evangelism team:

Comment by robobic — February 8, 2008

I can feel the tension in the air of yet another meaningless flamewar about frameworks.

And MooTools seems to be in all of them…

Comment by Pedro — February 8, 2008

@robobic: Yep, I sure am and I’ve never made an effort to hide that. I guess the posts that I’ve made on Ajaxian for MooTools, YUI, DOMAssistant, DOJO and most every other major JS lib don’t count huh?

@Pedro: Naw don’t worry. Neither of those two are members of the Moo team. The actual Moo team members are busy on v1.2 and don’t have time to post nonsense like the two clowns above.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 8, 2008


That you’re employed by one (commercial) toolkit and are an official community evangelist for another is a serious conflict of interest given your status as an editor on this blog. It’s one thing for you to put a disclaimer on your posts (which you do not), but even if you did the basics of responsible, ethical journalism (which you don’t), it would still be a glaring conflict of interest.

The community, including the ones you represent officially, deserve better.


Comment by slightlyoff — February 8, 2008

I think stating that Rey works on jQuery in each one of his posts on the subject would only look like advertising or promotion.

Besides, if you look on the left, Prototype has 182 entries while jQuery has 61 (while MooTools has 12.)

MooTools users, stop all the jealousy. Both frameworks are nice.

Comment by krunkosaurus — February 8, 2008

Also Dojo (who the poster above mine is related to) has 142 entries on the left. I’m not really seeing the problem here.

Comment by krunkosaurus — February 8, 2008

@krunkosaurus: Thank you for your support.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 8, 2008

Wow, why all the hate? And how are these comments even relevant? To the Mootools lovers above: take a look at the 12 Mootools posts, and you’ll see that Rey posted 1/3 of them.

Mootools is terrific. Dojo is fantastic. Prototype is superb. Can we all move on now?

Comment by kswedberg — February 8, 2008

@Alex (aka “slightlyoff”)

I love Dojo, love your blog, but I’m not sure you are being fair here. Most everyone on the Ajaxian’s is “entangled” with one framework or another and one employer or another. Just because Dion works for Google, doesn’t mean I discount his posts on GWT or accuse him of being unethical.

I know that Dion, Ben, Rey and all the rest make every effort to be fair and open minded. I know that no one “spikes” stories or tries to put frameworks like Dojo in an unfavorable light. Ultimately, you have to judge ajaxians not by their CV’s or who signs their paychecks, but by the posts they make.

(If you want a disclaimer, go to the “Who are the ajaxians?” link on the right. All of our various conflicts of interest should be listed there.)

I won’t say that you owe Rey an apology, Alex, but you might want to think about whether you are being fair here.

Comment by Dietrich Kappe — February 8, 2008

If, on the other hand, that wasn’t Alex but some troll, then I owe Alex an apology.

Comment by Dietrich Kappe — February 8, 2008

so,you won’t hide the fact, but if anyone mentions it, it’s “nonesense” from a “clown”? that makes complete sense.

jquery evangelism team probably gives you more inforamtion on jquery compared to other frameworks, which leads to more jquery posts here. thus, my answer to “why does jquery get so much press?” was “because rey bango is a member of the jquery evangelism team”.

did i say, “rey bango writes about jquery and nothing else because he’s slanted!!!!!” no. but that’s what you read.

i wish people in this community could grow up and not resort to name calling and crying every time someone says something they don’t agree with. Only in this case, you do agree with me, because you said your not trying to hide the fact that your a member of the jquery team, so you have even less of an excuse to call me a clown and my post nonesense. so i don’t even know why you did it.

Comment by robobic — February 8, 2008

@robobic: Yes, your comment is nonsense because if you bothered to look at the posts for the month of January, you’d see that Dion posted the majority of jQuery entries, not me. You don’t know me, my intentions, or whom I’ve solicited information from so you’re making assertions based solely on speculation. A better rationale for jQuery getting more press is that they actually announce things while many of the other projects don’t. The Moo team, for example, has publicly said that they don’t like want the attention and would rather focus on coding. Yet I’ve actively solicited them to give me more information and I do my best to post about their project here. I’m also in touch with two members of the Prototype team who give me info sparingly. It’s not for lack of trying and I post the information that I have.

As a parting note, I’ve had numerous discussions with Dion and Ben regarding this very concern and to date, they’ve been nothing but supportive with the contents of my posts. If you or anyone else has a problem with this, then feel free to contact then directly.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 8, 2008

rey when did i ever say i had a problem with this? when did i ever say “rey bango is biased and i have a problem with him”?

the only assertion i made is that you’re on the jquery team. that puts you in a position to have more information on jquery than, say, dojo. for dojo, you need people to report things to you, and for jquery, you know what’s going on.

and you called that assertion nonesense and you called me a clown. do you see how this is not rational or professional?

whatever. keep feeling like the victim there, rey, if that makes you feel good. everyone is out to get you and i’m just a nasty troll.

for someone who doesn’t deny your on the jquery team, you sure do get offended by the suggestion.

Comment by robobic — February 8, 2008

@robobic: Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that your intentions were solely to point out that I am on the jQuery team. In looking at your comment, I swear that it appeared as if you were just another troll trying to start trouble. It seems to be the norm these days. But this has been an ongoing issue so if I’m hyper-vigilant about this, understand that I take my roll with Ajaxian seriously and I try to be fair to everyone. Being called out and having ethics put into question isn’t fun and definitely gets me going.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 8, 2008

Hi guys,

Let’s not get into it here. Perhaps we should put a disclaimer on every post, but as Diet points out, we all have entanglements. It isn’t just about employment either, it is due to the fact that we each get exposed to different things. I wish there was more .NET content here for example, but it tends to lack in comparison due to the fact that we don’t have a .NET expert. There are other areas lacking too.

One personal note: I find that I often try to NOT post items as I don’t want to swarm and have people think I am just pimping, so in some ways it is even harder. Rey definitely feels this way too, and I have posted many items on jQuery/Ext before Rey did, as I know he didn’t want to jump on it. Rey is doing a really good job so we should give him a break :)



Comment by Dion Almaer — February 8, 2008

Hey Dion, Rey:

I understand that folks are trying to do a good job here and are relatively even-handed, but the conflicts of interest deserve to be aired, or at least noted. If Ajaxian is going to retain it’s (considerable) credibility, it needs to set high standards for journalistic integrity, even if “blogging isn’t journalism”. For what it’s worth, Dojo has always gotten a fair shake here, and I’m not suggesting otherwise. That said, I understand that what I said probably upsets Rey, and I understand that the editors are trying hard to be objective, but conflicts of interest aren’t about intent, they’re about structure and transparency. For better and for worse, Ajaxian is the “blog of record” for the DHTML community these days. Bylines don’t link to your profile pages here, and the posts don’t include even one-line notes at the bottom establishing who the authors are.

I’m not asking that Rey not post here, or that he not post about EXT and JQuery…just that there be some transparency into that structure. Your readers deserve as much, and it’ll go a long way to continuing to maintain the credibility of the site.

Alex Russell

Comment by slightlyoff — February 8, 2008

I have nothing to do with any framework or org whatsoever and I see no bias here. I only knew Rey’s name from coldfusion sites before and now I see him helping to promote open-source software (ext is also open-source, Alex) in various fields. A huge largely unpaid contribution over the years worthy only of our thanks.

Alex, this isn’t the New York Times, and the “transparency” you ask for is ALREADY on the “Who are the ajaxians? Find out.” link if anyone thinks something funny is going on and wants to know. If you don’t think anything funny is going on, then why the churlish complaints? Especially when there are 142 entries for dojo and only 62 for jquery??? Same goes for robobic who complains about theoretically possible bias then offers no evidence of a problem.

Grow up. Anyone who wants more press, send out press releases to Ajaxian. If they won’t use them or do so in a biased manner, THEN present your case.

The only suggestion I would make is that the poster’s name be a direct link to his bio info.

Comment by ziggy — February 8, 2008


ext is “source available”…it’s not run as an open project, and it’s CSS and image files are not under an OSS license. Any efforts to use EXT in an “open source” fashion quickly end at a licensing dead end. Who would you send patches to? Under what license? And if they’re accepted, how can EXT sell commercial licenses? It’s high time that the OSS JavaScript world put a stake in the ground and differentiated between open projects (Prototype, JQuery, Dojo, etc.) and “source available” products like EXT and YUI.

FWIW, I’m not an OSS partisan, but shady licensing should bother everyone. You’re right that a small link the profiles may be all that’s needed to change the context of posts for the better here, and I would welcome that change.


Comment by slightlyoff — February 9, 2008

@Alex: I’m not upset that you’ve brought this topic up but I am disappointed in the manner that you chose to address it. If you were that concerned about this issue, you could’ve easily addressed this via email with Dion, Ben and myself. I’ve had several people IM me in total disbelief that you reacted the way that you did. You’re a leader in this community and I, along with others, expect better from you Alex.
With that said, I will talk with Dion about what can be done to improve the transparency of the site.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 9, 2008

@Dion: Thank you so much for your continued support and words of encouragement. As I told you the other day via email, I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Ajaxian and enjoy blogging for the site.
@Ziggy: Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 9, 2008

@Rey: it would be a very small change to add a “whois” link to the “Comment by (name)” line of members…

Generally I see more discussions like that lately, which is kind of normal since I have the overall feeling all libs tend to converge in functionality. Yours truly is a hotblooded jQuery supporter because above its functionality it fits best to my own lib and has a huge supporter base – and therefore I also openly promote it… one cannot concentrate on ALL libs. This doesn´t mean I disregard other libs, same for Rey I bet.

I thinks comments like the initial one above derive from a feeling that there is a “race” between libs that only one can win. So people start to fear the second best lib might win because of superior promo…

Comment by Frank Thuerigen — February 9, 2008

@Alex:YUI is under BSD, quite different from ext js.

Comment by Cloudream — February 9, 2008

I know little about the nuances of licenses because it doesn’t affect me at all but I understood ext has 2 different types. Maybe you could post an article sometime about the subject of js library licenses, Alex.

Comment by ziggy — February 9, 2008

Statements like “Especially when there are 142 entries for dojo and only 62 for jquery???” are just plain silly. jQuery is not in the same league as Dojo. Dojo is much larger, so it should enjoy bigger coverage.

Comment by Les — February 9, 2008

@ziggy: we thought about doing this at one point, but we didn’t feel we were the right people to do this because we are biased.

@Cloudream: yes, YUI is BSD. The main point Alex was making is that you have to work at Yahoo to become a committer to YUI.

@Rey/Dion: I’ve sent you an email following-up on this

@Les: I agree in that I think looking at raw numbers is pointless, as Dojo has been around a lot longer than jQuery, so it only makes sense that it has more posts in the history of Ajaxian. I’d love to see more Dojo posts, but it’s our responsibility to get out and talk more about Dojo. That’s something we as a community can fix.

Comment by Dylan Schiemann — February 9, 2008

nice to see the news item about jQuery. I’ll take all the information I can get. (Prototype also supports AIR, I can’t speak for the other libs just making a comment with respect to what I utilize)

…been taking a look at AIR more closely… that team has added a significant amount to the api since it was “Apollo”…and they continue to progress the runtime through v2, and now v3 of the Beta. If developing a big web app that is supposed to work online/offline, especially one with a lot of video, or external files that you save to your machine, AIR would seem to be a nice way to go. You can actually tap into the OS with Air (they have a decent amount of info and articles on security sandboxing … E.g. authenticating authorship at the time of build, and others).

…also impressive/ encouraging is the documentation support… 10MB for the whole AIR runtime

Comment by holts — February 9, 2008


As I said in private mail, I was absolutely wrong to not ping you privately first. I apologize for that. The rest stands, and I think a stronger Ajaxian benefits everyone.

Alex Russell

Comment by slightlyoff — February 9, 2008

Thanks for the email. Look forward to sharing that beer with you.

Comment by Rey Bango — February 9, 2008

Awwwww, how cute!

Comment by Tim Cooijmans — February 12, 2008

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