Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

jQuery API Browser Update

Category: jQuery, LiveSearch

Remy Sharp has revived the jQuery API browser at a new location. The old API browser hadn’t
been updated since 1.1.3 and most other API browsers were running from the old doc structure (e.g.

Remy added live searching and direct linking.

jQuery API Browser Updated

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:40 am

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not a bad idea. Visual jQuery is a little better if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. which is probably why this site/concept wasn’t maintained.

Comment by jj4 — February 13, 2008

Visual jQuery is great for my need, which is finding things when I don’t know the name. Too bad it’s getting more and more out of date.

Recognition rather than recall…

Comment by Sam Hill — February 13, 2008

I agree, that link is snazzy and the live searching is hot but I love the categorization in Visual jQuery.

Comment by krunkosaurus — February 13, 2008

Additionally, I’d like to see bookmark capability on methods so that you can email/aim references to other people (I do this a lot.) It doesn’t have to be dynamic like the live search, just a link to bookmark or save the link. You can do this by appending a query string and checking that on DOM ready.

Comment by krunkosaurus — February 14, 2008

I agree – Visual jQuery is my favorite source because of the categories. At least this one is updated, though

Comment by Jigs — February 14, 2008

Better one can present jQuery internal model, hows its model flow works.

Comment by bollywood — February 15, 2008


Comment by rektide — February 15, 2008

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