Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

jQuery in 15 minutes

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Simon Willison has posted a short presentation, jQuery in 15 minutes.

If you haven’t looked at jQuery yet, this will definitely give you the highlights, such as:

  • What makes jQuery interesting
  • The role of CSS selectors
  • Unobtrusive land
  • It’s all about the plugins

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:10 am

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Very nice!

Comment by Калоян К. Цветков — August 8, 2007

nice overview

Comment by justin — August 8, 2007

yes, perfect to show to a friend of mine so he know what to expect from jQuery

Comment by — August 8, 2007

I don’t get why they make a deal of “plugins” its JavaScript everythign is extendable.. woopie :/

Comment by James — August 8, 2007

As someone just starting to delve into the wonders of jQuery, this is cool.

Comment by DigitaLink — August 8, 2007

Slide 6 says that “some methods return results from the first matched element”, but two of the three examples anyway are single elements! The first uses an id, and the third the :last selector.

Anyway, I’ve learned from slide 11 the really not obvious meaning of the end() method, thanks!

Comment by Nicolas Hoizey — August 8, 2007

James: the neat thing about jQuery plugins is that they are a supported way of adding new methods to the jQuery object. It means that jQuery itself can stay reasonably small, but if you desperately need to be able to do $(‘div.teaser’).explodeInAShowerOfSparks() there’s a documented and explained way of adding your custom functionality.

Comment by Simon Willison — August 8, 2007

I used this for a presentation yesterday I did on jQuery to the company I work for. It doesn’t address why you should use jQuery, but it does give a nice overview on how to use it.

Comment by Marc Grabanski — August 9, 2007

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