Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

jQuery Magazine Started

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Friendly competition amongst JavaScript libraries is a good thing, and some of the good folks in the jQuery community have created “Visual jQuery: The Magazine” in order to proselytize their framework and ideas.

Visual jQuery: The Magazine

The first issue features an interview with jQuery creator John Resig, and contains a number of other interesting features. The tone of the magazine is set early on with magazine editor Yehuda Katz’s conversion story and continues with a feature sporting this illustration:

Framework Race

So, it’s definitely not one of those “choose any library you want but maybe you might find jQuery useful” pieces, but it’s great to see a vibrant, articulate, and competitive community emerge surrounding jQuery, providing the all-important documentation that so many crave.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 8:46 am

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Ho cool, I wonder how it will go. Having already tried the online dev community magazine road, I know it’s can be difficult to get enough content.

By the way, a french site about jquery has been started by the spip.net community:

Comment by mortimer — September 26, 2006

Mortimer: When you say you’ve tried the online dev community magazine road, what do you mean? Did you try doing what we’re doing at jQuery?

Comment by Yehuda Katz — September 26, 2006

Per the drwaing, I get the impression that they feel that prototype is extinct but lean, Dojo is alive and bloated, MochiKit is an unidentified lean animal with a big head, and jQuery is once again standing alone, trying to isolate itself from the rest of the JS community. It’s kind of amusing.

As if we needed more inspiration to make our toolkits even better.

As for our documentation, Dojo 0.4, coming in October, is going to answer the documentation criticism.

Comment by Dylan Schiemann — September 26, 2006

I used to use Prototype mainly for javascript stuff but after using jQuery for just 1 hour I was sold on it for good. Its just so easy to use and is FULLY DOCUMENTED!!!!!

Comment by Matt Oakes — September 26, 2006

Even though I can’t officially like the drawing, I can’t help but smirk a little bit at how they made the elephant look so sad.. Bastards! ;)

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — September 26, 2006

Sorry JQuery…. you’re disqualified for not staying in your own lane. :)

Comment by Michael — September 26, 2006

You’re right, maybe that’s why the elephant looks sad!

He’s like “hey, ajaxian..? Not only did you go out of your lane but you apparently also dropped some napalm on the ground while doing it. And how does this cake character have access to such highly flammable material anyways? ” I’m sure that’s what he’s thinking now..Either that or all of the animal characters are just very hungry and anticipating how yummy it will be to eat the jquery cake once they get to the finish line – oblivious to the fact that there is a race at all. I would think in that instance the smile on the cake is naively optimistic. More than likely the safer route would be to continue running as to avoid being eaten.

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — September 26, 2006

Left-hand pane on Ajaxian kind of says it all.
Dojo (65)
jQuery (1)
Prototype (83)

Comment by Michael — September 26, 2006

It’s great to read what you guys can interprete from this small illustration. Thanks!

Comment by joern — September 26, 2006

Michael: In fairness, the jquery category was added only recently, so we do have more posts discussing jquery then that breakdown really shows.

Comment by Rob Sanheim — September 27, 2006

jQuery is a red-headed, poisonous Amanita Muscaria mushroom, which people use for its hallucinogenic effect? ;-)

Comment by Martin — September 27, 2006

Again jQuery makes a subtle stab at the other frameworks/libraries/toolkits, displaying them as big, extinct or plain weird. I personally don’t like this attitude, even it’s meant as a friendly jibe.

Comment by Ron Derksen — September 27, 2006

jquery….simply works, no fuss…no bloat!

Comment by h4ckm3 — September 27, 2006

What? No YUI? Why?

Comment by Binny V A — September 27, 2006

I’ve just started using jQuery… and I’ve got to say it looks very promising. I’ve been mostly using Prototype, but it’s a little bloated. DOJO is a non-starter, it’s huge, buggy and needs more than documentation… but I have gotten some good ideas for making things work from DOJO, they know what they are doing there, but someone needs to put some scope around that project.

Comment by optimus paul — September 27, 2006

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