Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

jQuery Release 1.2.6: Performance Improvements and Dimensions Plugin Added to Core

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jQueryA new release of jQuery is out — 1.2.6, skipping directly from 1.2.3. Most noteworthy are the performance improvements (you can check out the detailed performance data via this Google Spreadsheet). The headlines on improvements:

  • Event handling: 103%
  • CSS selectors: 13%
  • .offset: 21%
  • .css: 25%

Lots of other fixes, but the most important, IMHO, is the inclusion of Brandon Aaron’s Dimension’s plugin — cross browser support for find element dimensions, offsets and positioning — in the jQuery core. Check out the release notes here.

Posted by Dietrich Kappe at 11:52 am

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jQuery team is unstoppable! Big improvements in the top functions — now I’ll have to update my libs. Great job again guys!

Comment by doublerebel — June 3, 2008

woohooo that’s wonderful!

Comment by zero0x — June 3, 2008

This is some great news for the best (imho) lightweight library around. I’d like to see jQuery include some inheritance helpers (similar to prototype, or better yet, qooxdoo) and it would be unstoppable!

Comment by matanlurey — June 3, 2008

Wow…103% improvement in event handling. That’s incredible. Well done.


Comment by JoeMcCann — June 3, 2008

just in time for my project :)

Comment by ilazarte — June 3, 2008


A lot of people have asked for inheritance helpers, but John Resig has decided (and stated more thaan once) that jQuery encourages a different way of programming and the class stuff isn’t needed.

There’s LowPro for jQuery, or you can use Base or Base2 or JS.Class or any other standalone class stuff if you want it.

Comment by Nosredna — June 3, 2008

Great job guys !

@matanlury – Here is a link to CLassy Query written by John Resig. Should be just what you are looking for.


Comment by jdalton — June 3, 2008

Apparently Classy Query was intended as an April Fools joke.
But the code should still work and it allows you to create classes n things, if that is what you are wanting.


Comment by jdalton — June 3, 2008

I have been waiting for the Dimensions plugin to be included! Nice :)

Comment by Jigs — June 3, 2008


I understand that, the lack of OOP while coding makes simple operations and pages quick and easy, but I’m way too scared to write a full fledged Ajax application in jQuery (Where I’d rather turn to GWT, Qooxdoo, or Dojo)

Comment by matanlurey — June 3, 2008


Interesting, I’m just finishing up a huge finance and statistics Ajax app in jQuery. I just used JavaScript’s built-in Prototype Inheritance.

I ended up with an array of objects. Worked fine.

But then again, I always preferred C to C++ and Java.

Comment by Nosredna — June 3, 2008

It’s an impressive release, and I especially like the Dimension features.
However, if it’s real performance speed you’re after, there are faster alternatives.

Comment by robnyman — June 4, 2008

Ok, that came out wrong. To clarify, what I wanted to say was that if it’s ONLY CSS selector performance you’re after, there are some alternatives in the market, but I do acknowledge and respect that jQuery is much more than that.

Comment by robnyman — June 4, 2008

Fantastic job as always… and my most-used plugin is in the core. I love it.

Thx to everybody in the jQ team!

Comment by FrankThuerigen — June 5, 2008

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