Monday, July 21st, 2008

jQuery: Sparklines Plug-in

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Edward Tufte has long had a following of fans in the field of information visualizations. Among his interesting taxonomy of visualization types is the “Sparkline“, which he describes as “data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics”.

While Tufte originally suggested that computer displays are too low-resolution to effectively make use of Sparklines (vs. printed page), James Dempster pointed us to some work the folks at Splunk have done to join a long line of folks who have given it a go anyway.

The resulting jQuery plug-in is really nice. Now if only they had the ability to overlay two line graphs over the same area using a transparent fill… ;-)

(Oh, and there’s also a simple Sparkline generator for Google Charts over at

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That’s without mentionning Joe Gregorio’s Sparkline Generator, created something like 2 years ago:

Comment by tbroyer — July 21, 2008

Is there more OO code-style like Project WireIt?
This allows us to extend more easy

Comment by KKFC — July 21, 2008

Splunk’s sparkline generator is written in JS, and uses either the canvas element, or VML to draw the graphs on the client side. No server side software is needed, other than for sending the data to the script in the user’s browser.

The generator is compatible with most modern browsers.

Basically you can generate sparklines from your web application with only a minimal amount of work.

Comment by kordless — July 21, 2008

I should have a version with composite graphs and a few more types up soon – Thanks for the feedback!

Comment by xeno42 — July 21, 2008

@xeno42: Nice! Thanks for the update, looking forward to it.

Comment by Ben Galbraith — July 21, 2008

Don’t forget the Sparklines tool from the creator of jQuery too:

Comment by DaveProbert — July 22, 2008

FYI – Version 1.1 is up now with composite graph goodness and new chart types.

Comment by xeno42 — July 31, 2008

the site isn’t available anymotre could does someone still have the code available still?

Comment by landonb — August 6, 2008

Site was down for a couple of days due to a crashed RAID array – All back up again now on new hardware, but for reference you can also find the code here:

Comment by xeno42 — August 17, 2008

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