Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

jQuery UI 1.8 comes with new plugins, effect, and fixes

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jQuery UI 1.8 has been released and it contains new plugins, a new effect, bug fixes, and is forkable on GitHub

What’s new?

Position utility

Position any element relative to any other, or even relative to the window or the mouse. In true “Write Less. Do More” fashion, it’s a simple as selecting the element you want and saying which part of it should be positioned relative to which part of another element. Bam.

Button widget

The button widget creates a themable button from any imaginable element you might be using as a native button. Progressive enhancement all the way. Now your <button> will look like your <input type=”submit”> will look like your <a class=”button”>. We updated jQuery UI widgets that have buttons, such as Dialog, to use the button plugin when you’ve opted to include it. Otherwise, they’ll remain native button elements. Again thanks to PE this is as unobtrusive as possible. Thanks to Filament Group for figuring out how to do this and Jörn Zaefferer for making it happen. And of course the community as a whole for providing feedback during early design/dev and later dev/testing. We’re stoked about having pretty form elements, and button is the first step.

Autocomplete widget

Now you can make any text input pop up a menu to aid the user in completing a text entry or search box, providing suggestions or allowed values. The autocomplete is designed and built based on the popular Jörn Zaefferer’s Autocomplete. As with the button widget we’ve kept the API as minimal as possible while providing the hooks necessary to customize it based on your needs. For example, you can provide static local data using the source option, or provide a callback function as the data source which can handle getting data from a server via Ajax. Single option, overloaded. This is the new way we’ll be writing and refactoring all of our widgets going forward, and we’re excited to hear what people think. It’s quite a change, but should keep the library lean while still as flexible and powerful as possible.

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+10 points for checking your posts before (or even after) you make ’em live, boys!

Comment by sixtyseconds — March 24, 2010

sorry. it’s late and I was holding a baby in one hand while doing this….

Comment by Dion Almaer — March 24, 2010

@dion – then you have my respect! :)

Comment by sixtyseconds — March 24, 2010

I have yet to see a solution that will render button, input[type=submit] and anchor-tags the exact same side by side across browsers. In FF 3.6.2 on WinXP the button widget displays the input[type=submit] 2px taller than its neighbours… I wish FF would let you set a line-height on input and button elements *sigh*

Comment by rasmusfl0e — March 24, 2010

@rasmusfl0e it’s the same in Safari and Chrome (Webkit) so yea, the buttons aren’t actually the same style for any element.

Comment by tastypopsicle — March 24, 2010

@dion – Oh God, do you really think that jQuery UI 1.8 is more important than beeing 100% with your baby?

Comment by fpiat — March 24, 2010

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