Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

jQuery updates: 1.0.4, documentation, and people

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You have to hand it to the jQuery guys, they work really hard with their community.

There have been a few posts recently that relate to the jQuery world:

jQuery 1.0.4 Release

A new 1.0.4 release focused on updates to the Ajax functionality:

  • Extensions to $.ajax()
    • Add extra headers to an Ajax request using beforeSend
    • Perform a synchronous Ajax request
    • Sending a JavaScript object using processData
    • Aborting an Ajax request after a specific delay in time
  • AJAX module: The public $.ajax API is now used internally
  • New global Ajax handler: ajaxSend – called before an Ajax request is sent.
  • Extensions to global Ajax handlers: ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete get XMLHttpRequest and settings passed as arguments.
  • Extensions to event handling: pageX and pageY are available in all browsers now. (IE does not provide native pageX/Y).
  • Improved docs: $(String) method has now two separate descriptions, one for selecting elements, one for creating html on-the-fly.
  • FX module: Most inline styles added by animations are now removed when the animation is complete, eg. height style when animating height (exception: display styles).


The community is trying to help you understand jQuery.

Meet the team

John tries to get the names out, so you feel like the team is really part of the community. To promote this he just posted about the team behind jQuery.

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Thanks for the write-up guys! :o)

Comment by Rey Bango — December 19, 2006

I’m using jQuery for some time now and in my humble oppinion it’s the best js framework out there. GJ jQuery team!

Comment by Tapety — December 19, 2006

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Comment by sprzedam biznes — December 19, 2006

jQuery is really awesome! If anyone reading this hasn’t tried it. Please do so. It’s very powerful, and has got a *very* active community for support. Also, the documentation for jQuery is great. We all know that nobody likes writing documentation, and so most documentation is pretty lackluster. Not so, with jQuery. There are some dedicated folks working on the documentation of the API, and it’s very good.

Rock on jQuery! :o)

Comment by Christopher JOrdan — December 19, 2006

congratulation. I decided to use jQuery now, It has an active community and well documentation. jsLINB is another great one, but it need more hard work on documentation and other related things…

Comment by Jully — December 19, 2006

I digg!, I digg!

Oh wait, this isn’t Digg… :-(

I rate!, I rate!

Comment by Dan Atkinson — December 20, 2006

I’ve been using jQuery since 1.0 was released and I have to say that it has significantly improved since then. Aside from the fact that the syntactical approach is much more terse, what will ultimately make this library stand out is its support: the mailing list is extremely active and everyone is very friendly. The documentation and tests are the result of many hours of work and they are priceless. While there are always bugs in any software, jQuerians make a fantastic attempt to fix them fast and right. Congrats!

Comment by Francisco Brito — December 20, 2006

Good things! I waitting it for long time.

Comment by speedwayhk — July 30, 2007

Good work, jQuery is good tools! I used it for long time. I like it.

Comment by cnlogistic — August 8, 2007

Is this project still alive?

Comment by transflux — September 15, 2007

At least the official forum is very much active: http://groups.google.com/group/jquery-en

Comment by genital wart cure — September 15, 2007

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